Pre-Construction Services
Our experience has shown that 80 percent of budget and scheduling control are determined in the design phase of the project. Our exclusive planning and development process is the key to proactive management of the entire design phase of a project, putting you in control and providing you with continuous input. This approach allows you to make adjustments in the design phase and implement them before changes become expensive. The design and construction works within your budget and schedule, and more effectively satisfies your particular needs.
Pre-Construction services also include:
  •          Estimating
  •          Project Planning & Scheduling
  •          Value Engineering
  •          Budget Management
  •          Site Evaluation
  •          Site Development
  •          Utility Availability Studies
  •          Design Management
  •          Code(s) Review

Economic Development:

The McCay Kinchin team understands the important relationship between real estate and economic development, and we work with clients to maximize incentives and governmental support.  The McCay Kinchin team is then able to expedite the local economic development process, reduce the time spent in the incentive phase of the due diligence process and thus ensure that our clients get the best economic incentive package available.
Other value-added services provided by the McCay Kinchin team to the predevelopment and pre-construction phase include:
Market Research
Site Selection
Comparative Site Analysis
Economic Impact Analysis
Strategic Planning
Pro forma/Financial Analysis

Construction Services:

We have the experience and know-how to manage every aspect of construction and offer the following construction services to enable an inexperienced owner to control their project by having a team of experts working to protect their interest.

It is widely known in the industry that uninformed owners can and have been taken advantage of and resulting buyout, management, and contracting “mistakes” cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We put your finger on the pulse of the project and insure that your decisions are made with knowledge of all the facts.

As consultants/construction managers our construction services can include the following:

Construction Permitting
General Contractor or Construction Manager Bid Packages and Contracts
Subcontractor Bid Packages and Contracting
Evaluate Bids
Develop Contracts
Evaluate Change Order Requests
Resolve disputes
Procurement and Purchasing   
Venders and Owner Supplied Materials
Construction Administration and Direction
Maintain and Control Project Documents
Develop and Implement Project Procedures
Cost management
Health and Safety Management
Accounting and Reporting
Project documentation and Reporting
Progress Photos
Drawing Logs
Subcontractor Proposal Requests and Status
Change Order Requests and Status
Schedule and Status

Cost Control
Cost Control – or Cost Management – is implemented to insure that projects are completed within budget. Both "historical" (work and costs to date) and "projected" data (estimated remaining costs and work) are monitored and evaluated, and all members of the project team are kept informed of cost related issues. The McCay Kinchin team believes this process begins at the pre-construction stage.  Projected costs are analyzed, evaluated and, if necessary, modified through design changes on a more cost effective basis than while the project is under construction.

Our Accounting Office software provides a detailed project cost accounting system that is implemented at the estimating stage of a project and is maintained throughout the project. Input to this system includes the assignment of job, phase, equipment, subcontract, and other codes that are used to track actual and project future costs and unit quantities for the project. Cost data is reviewed on a weekly basis, reconciled in the field against work actually completed, and cost reports are generated.
 ??This system also facilitates the following project activities:
  •  Forecasting based on actual performance
  •  Invoicing (or current value) based on progress
  •  Cash flow updated as schedule progresses
  •  Budgeting and variances
  •  General accounting

Our Accounting System is used on all projects by both office and field personnel insuring the reliability, continuity, integrity of cost management and cost reporting for any particular project. This system has historically been one of the key elements in The McCay Kinchin Team’s history of completing projects on time and within budget.

Quality Control

Our Corporate Quality Policy is:
  • Exceed the expectations of our client
  • Excel in performing our services
  • Dedicate ourselves to meet the requirements of 'on time, every time'
  • Continuously improve
Every member of the McCay Kinchin Team organization recognizes and embraces these values. An atmosphere of quality improvement shapes our organization and provides unquestioned conformance with contract requirements. Our Quality Control Program functions in an unrestrained atmosphere of continuous quality improvement. The program stresses prevention as the only real method to delivering a project with zero defects.
  • Defining and establishing the standard of quality expected through the design documents
  • Review the construction plans, project manual and specifications to identify and incorporate quality standards and highlight any quality concerns
  • Pre-qualify vendors and subcontractors for experience, knowledge and financial capability prior to forming a bid list

Safety Management
The McCay Kinchin team’s executive management is fully committed to implementing and maintaining a work environment that is safe and friendly for all. Our safety program is driven by several key facts, the foremost is attitude and a strong team work ethic.  One must be willing to accept responsibility for their safety as well as the safety of those around them. For this very reason, the company continues to reinforce and develop techniques to new insight on safe work practices.  
Another important factor of safety is pre-planning for the jobsite. The necessity of being proactive and planning is a mandatory aspect of the safety culture at de Oplossing. We have a vast number of safety professionals within the organization are key in project planning and support. The best way to prevent an accident is to plan ahead, so the project team hosts pre-construction meetings with subcontractors, vendors and suppliers of the project. As a result, operating methods and items of concern can be addressed and resolved before they result in a less than desirable outcome.
In order to maintain a safe work environment the McCay Kinchin team performs jobsite audits to verify compliance with OSHA safety regulations and client expectations. Project audits are a key component of the safety process. On any construction site the environment and project conditions change constantly therefore, our team maintains a strong focus on jobsite conditions and hazard recognition. 
Project meetings and constant communication are another important aspect of the safety process. The McCay Kinchin team holds progress meetings and uses this forum to address ongoing safety issues and project expectations. The company recognizes that the safety process is an ongoing responsibility that must be addressed regularly. It is the intent of such meetings that planning and coordination will assist the supervision to maintain a safe work environment.
It is our goal that each and every employee return home safe and healthy at the end of the day. We’re committed to it!
Work Smart, Work Safe!